Cheers and congrats on making your way here to possibly make some money. I can’t guarantee that you’ll make money, but I can point you in the direction and how I’ve done it.

AirBnB – Not quite earning you money but saving money on hotels is still better than nothing. You’ll get $40 in travel credit when you sign up. Only for new Airbnb guests!

Acorns – This app will help you earn money like a traditional retirement account.  Deposit the minimum (I believe it is now $100), set if you want it conservative, moderately conservative or aggressive, and watch it grow! You then can link your bank/credit card and have it round up to $1. Once it does that you will start adding to your account.  You can withdraw at any time.  There is a small fee attached but it takes it right out of your earnings.  On average I deposit $22 a month without doing anything and have had gains of over 20%.

Varo – I love Varo online banking.  It cost nothing to set up and I can have my accounts all in one place.  Right. now if you use this link and you make a deposit of $250 you can get $50 from me deposited into your account.  That’s some serious free cash! Check it out!

Sweat Coins – This app will give you sweat coins to just walk around.  So if you are a person that loves to walk around or run outside get this app. Once you’ve earned some coins you can buy things sometimes completely free or with just the shipping.  You can even purchase Amazon gift cards or PayPal deposits when you make enough.

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